Ritewing Mini Drak


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Wingspan: 40"

The EPP in the kit is not painted. Kit will come with black or red coroplast. Coroplast can be easily painted with common spray-paint.

Electronics not included



  • Innovative forward swept wing design to avoid low speed stalling

  • Rock solid stability in flight for optimum video and picture quality

  • Lightweight and durable air frame manufactured from EPP (expanded polypropylene)

  • Proprietary bay system offers maximum payload capacity and adjustability for balancing

  • Extended flight times possible depending on configuration and flight habits

  • Easy to assemble kits

  • High quality materials and components

  • Able to be upgraded and Expanded

  • Designed to break down for easy transport and storage

  • Easy to launch by hand


Designed & Manufactured by Chris Klick – Ritewing RC